10 Questions to Mukriz's suggestion

The timing on the idea by Mukriz is so good that it has generated a lot of discussion , accusations and counter accusations even during Hari Raya Haji. I have always liked A Kadir Jasin's writting from his days of NST and welcomes his article which broadly differs from mine; in his firm but fair persona ( old school) and has always been gracious with differing views. This will be my only posting in this issue as I think it will go nowhere except giving a win to Mukriz Mahathir and a loss to UMNO in Kuala Terengganu's by election.

i stayed in the US for several years (Anaheim, Orange County). i observed that
chinese preferred to be within their own circle. you'd not be suprised to find
that quite a number of them couldn't even communicate in proper english. that's
why you can see chinatown all over the world. it's a manifestation of the
chinese attitude. even the indians and arabs are able to adapt to the country
their adopt.

My reply: Muhd Hafiz, thank you for the feedback and I do think myself more of a
Malaysian than my ethinicity. Please don't stereotype.

1. Who do you hang out with in Anaheim?

2. Without doubt, groups of a feather group together. Those who have
travelled more will know of this trend. Even the Arabs and Indians do look for their own community. For example in BKK, there is the little india ( in Nana ), Chinatown and little Arab ( in Sukhumvit).

3. You may think Mukriz is sacrosanct and I think his suggestion is
inadequate. In business, top leaders don't just lay ideas .. they lay plans. And we the kuci brats accross the globe can ask questions to clarify. A good leader would be able to shape his/her plans and give good answers. Even if you worship Mukriz, read that we are focussing on his idea and not his persona. The education minister can lay out plans.

4. In the ladder of knowledge, experience is less received than facts,
figures, rational deductions.
I am just a local graduate who berpidato(ed) in BM, used to be a
top student in BM & bla. We should also know that our workers are in demand due to their ability to speak more than 1 language ( Malay, Arah, Chinese, Tamil, English etc.)

Harapan Sekolah Satu Aliran A Kadir Jasin

Original Posting: I disdain the racial statements that people made though you ask them to debate maturely.

1. From this debate, it seemed that there are many ideas on what to do for the nation's education.

2. In reality, our education system too has been burdened with too many
baggages and ineffiencies that makes anybody resistance to try to change. The reaction by vernacular champions is the same as the UiTM "Malay only" champions.

3. In effect, the suggestion by Mukriz of one solution solves all problem is
to simplistic.

4. To achieve unity, is education the only factor? What about role modelling thru leaders? Or civil consciousness?

5. If education is indeed the sole factor, would someone compare and contrast the effective system of US, Japan etc. in producting united and patriotic population?

6. If not, then the best education system is in contrasting vernacular,
private and national schools academic performance.

7. Mukriz's suggestion will not create a single national school system. It
will divide the education system to private and public. The rich will then have better access to quality education and would they be more/less patriotic?

8. WOuld BN leaders send their children to public schools then? Many people doubt that if the same behaviour from national service is extrapolated.

9. Why not a total revamp of the education system then? Take out the other components on non negotiables ( quotas, race only schools- MARA, Matriculation etc.) and have a out of the box solution.

10. In the absense of concerted solutions to the many questions, Mukriz's
suggestion is hollow that begets the reality of the complexity of the issue.
Give us details on data, plan, strategy, change management and timeline.

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