National Service in Pasir Panjang

Look at them! This is why Malaysia should celebrate its diversity and not racist ( zionist) policy of ketuanan. Only then we are trully merdeka. Celebrating birthday before whacking the Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana cake. Few of them almost fainted from eating so much. And KFC is again a proven hit.

And so, ended my 3rd batch of national service trainee encounter. I still do not agree on the wastage of taxpayer money, bogus provider linked to UMNO getting contracts and dubious safety standards. But still, nothing would stop me volunteering my time to see these teenagers in their time of personal challenge. Some of them would come out better and the rest with no change.

Shahrul and Chan sharing a moment. Both have turned 18 and we celebrated their birthday in between both their birthdays. This is me egging them to blow the invisible fire.

And Catherine, my intern followed me yesterday and she did well in sharing the book in Mandarin. She obviously did much better than I could. It is also fun sharing and teaching in Bahasa to two pribumis and and Indian who speaks fluent Malay. And yes, we used the word "Allah"! as it is in the bible and used by local pribumis for long time. Too bad this is the last session with the kids. They are nice chaps, in fact i have met all types of people just by being there. If you are near one of the camp, do think to volunteer yourself and be part of someone's life.

It has been a challenge speaking in 3 languages and still maintained sanity in my talk. My hope is that all will know God more and to grow in Him. Till we meet again , one day.

United States : Double standard in Georgia

For a country that invades Iraq, turns Kosovo and Macedonia free in spite of prevailing international convention, United States is trying to again potray Russia as 'evil'. Read between the lines and one will again stumble against the backdrop of PR spins. Here is a good article.:

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
George Bush, with the clock ticking down the last months of his presidency, nearly started yet another war that might have escalated in the manner of World War I: a diplomatic failure backed by arms that resulted in a superpower clash.
It is a wonder that the world has survived his "war on terror," which turned out to be a war on American liberty and anyone in the world who got on his nerves. His confrontation with Russia in defense of a belligerent little client state of the US could have sealed his fate and ours too.
We need to examine Bush's actions and see how the US nearly stumbled into a calamity. For in the last weeks, we have gained a picture of the future with this continued push for a secure American world empire with its endless webs of payments, relationships, jockeying for power and treasure, and a diplomatic corps honeycombed with belligerents and lobbyists for foreign governments. The peace, such as it is, can be shattered through small screwups that will end in massive death.
Make no mistake about it: the flare-up was caused entirely by US diplomatic failures. You wouldn't know this, however, if all you did was watch television news. Fox and CNN have portrayed Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili as a benevolent leader of a "young democracy" struggling in the shadow of the mighty bear Russia.
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My Favourite olympic girl(s)

To get away for all the postings on politics ( Congrats to Anwar Ibrahim and PR .. you have my support) and social economics, like to do something unusual by sharing the top 2 babes of Olympics according to .. me! I guess there are many more ( and men as well), but here are 2 that will get me to oh la la.
1. Miyuki Maeda ( Japan )

Ok, so I tried to look for her photo and since there is nothing that does justice to her, decided to put up her biography instead. What caught my attention is initially her antic with her double parner, Suemae. They would encourage each other before any service ( watch this). I find her charming and soooo stunning. Air liur coming out..

Thanks to Asumi for providing this photo.

2. Guo Jing Jing ( China)

Actually, I heard about her and found a photo that was 'in the moment". Look at the pool water rippled. Apparently, she does look absolutely gorgeous and would not doubt those review from this photo.

What about you?

Sarawak Dams : Multiple follies.

Kua Kia Soong Aug 26, 08 12:53pm

The recent announcement that the Sarawak government intends to build 12 more dams in Sarawak apart from the ill-fated Bakun dam is cause for concern.
It is a cause for grave concern. Malaysian tax payers, Malaysian forests and Malaysian indigenous people will again be the main victims of this misconceived plan.
The stop starting since the damned project was first proposed in the seventies, the proposal and abandonment of the aluminium smelter, the upsizing and downsizing of the dam, the inclusion or exclusion of the undersea cable project are all symptomatic of a wanton disregard for planning.
Let me remind Malaysians of the ludicrous inconsistencies of official policy on this damned project.
In 1980, the Bakun dam was proposed with a power generating capacity of 2400MW even though the projected energy needs for the whole of Sarawak was only 200MW in 1990.
The project was thus coupled with the proposal to build the world’s longest (650km) undersea cable to transmit electricity to the peninsula. An aluminium smelter at Bintulu was also proposed to take up the surplus energy.
In 1986, the project was abandoned because of the economic recession although then Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced just before the UN Conference on Environment & Development in Rio that this was "proof of Malaysia’s commitment to the environment".
In 1993, with the upturn in the Malaysian economy, the government once again announced the revival of the Bakun hydro-electric plant project.
To cushion the expected protests, the then Energy Minister S Samy Vellu gave Parliament a poetic description of a "series of cascading dams" and not one large dam as had been originally proposed.
Before long, it was announced that the Bakun dam would be a massive 205-metre high concrete face rockfill dam, one of the highest dams of its kind in the world and it would flood an area the size of Singapore Island.
The undersea cable was again part of the project. There was also a plan for an aluminium plant, a pulp and paper plant, the world’s biggest steel plant and a high-tension and high-voltage wire industry.
Then in 1997, with the onset of the Asian financial crisis, the Bakun project was put on hold for the second time. But the scandal was, while the anthropologists in all Malaysian universities were sound asleep, the government proceeded to remove 10,000 indigenous people made up of fifteen different ethnic groups from their ancestral lands.
All this happened while the project was on hold and Malaysians shouted "Malaysia Boleh!"
In 1999, after the economy had recovered, the government again announced that the project would be resumed, albeit on a smaller scale of 500MW capacity.
Before long in 2001, the 2400MW scale was once again proposed although the submarine cable had been shelved. Today, we read reports about the government and companies still contemplating this hare-brained scheme which is now estimated to cost a whopping RM21 billion!
Not only that, we now hear that 12 more hydroelectric dams will be generating a total capacity of 7000MW by 2020 – an increase of 600 percent from its current capacity!
Who pays?
Ultimately it will be the Malaysian consumers who pay for this expensive figment of the chief minister’s wild imagination. Enough tax payers’ money has been wasted - Sarawak Hidro has already spent some RM1.5 billion on the project.
The human cost has been immeasurable - 10,000 indigenous people have been removed from their ancestral lands in 1998 even while the project had been shelved.
If the prime minister really wants to know the state of the Malaysian energy industry, he should ask for independent audits on every power station in the country. These should preferably be done by reputable international audit authorities from outside Malaysia.
We are told that TNB is now selling off property, power stations are not working at full capacity and that the electricity industry is hugely indebted.
Right now, the country is being fed conflicting reports about energy demand. There is supposed to be a 43 percent oversupply of electricity capacity in peninsula Malaysia.
Experienced Bakun dam watchers will tell you such conflicting and mutually contradictory assertions have been used by dam proponents to justify every flip flop of this misconceived project.
Apart from the economic cost and the wastage, how are investors supposed to plan for the long-term and medium term? What is the long-term plan for Bakun? Can Bakun compete with the rest of the world or for that matter, Indonesia?
Aluminium smelters to take up the bulk of Bakun electricity have been mentioned ever since the conception of the Bakun dam project because they are such voracious consumers of energy.
Even so, has there ever been any proper assessment of the market viability of such a project with the cheaper operating costs in China?
Does it matter that the co-owner of one of the smelters is none other than Cahaya Mata Sarawak (CMS) Bhd Group that is controlled by Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s family business interest?
Scandalous flaws in planning
Clearly, Bakun energy and Sarawak’s tin pot governance do not inspire confidence in investors. First it was Alcoa, and then Rio Tinto also had second thoughts about investing in Sarawak.
Concerned NGOs have all along called for the abandonment of this monstrous Bakun dam project because it is economically ill-conceived, socially disruptive and environmentally disastrous.
The environmental destruction is evident many miles downstream since the whole Bakun area has been logged by those who have already been paid by Sarawak Hidro.
The social atrophy among the 10,000 displaced indigenous people at the Sungei Asap resettlement scheme remains the wicked testimony of the Mahathir-Taib era. The empty promises and damned lives of the displaced people as forewarned by the concerned NGOs in 1999 have now been played out.
The economic viability of the Bakun dam project has been in doubt from the beginning and the new scheme to build 12 more dams merely represents multiple follies and a scandalous flaw in planning.
DR KUA KIA SOONG is director of Suaram.

Long House got burned and all they got are 2 packs of salt

I was there in the district of Tatau. And these villagers are poor. For many years, they were neglected by the very people that they voted in to serve them. And around them, other communities progressed and timber companies took over their livelihood.

Fire broke out in one of the long houses.

Monies were not coming in . Sarawak government have again neglected them.

ohhh... money from the forest! Photo taken from

Peninsular parties are busy with election.

There is a hope, timber companies whom they thought would at least help them rebuild their homes with some spare timbers.

But all they got ARE 2 packets of salt. Is this not degrading?

Compare this with this Sabah timber tychoon who tried to sneak in RM16 million in cash from Hong Kong to KLIA. He apparently got aided to be bailed out and are closely associated with the Chief Minister of Sabah and UMNO. Who actually needs more help .. a tychoon or villagers?

I am interested to pass some money over through a pastor in Miri. Any takers?

DNA 2008 bill rushed through Parliament when it is not ready

Haha .. who wrote this bill?

Reflecting on the article "Spotlight: CSI Malaysian style" , I share the reservation about this DNA bill 2008 and deemed more discussion is needed to plug the existing loopholes. Looking at the bill as a common citizen and an ardent fan of CSI, there are a few areas that I am not comfortable about. Firstly, it seemed to give excessive power to the police ("Authorised officer" means any police officer not below the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police) with a lack of clear check and balance. Already, the bill does not specify the type of 'offences' that is included. If an offence's was perpetrated, the police could compel as many people as "reasonably" suspected of having committed these 'offences". The 'reasonable" argument should not be subjective but qualified and balanced by the judiciary to protect the rights of individuals.

In CSI, it seemed that DNA can be obtained through the oral swabs although we can argue that it is just a TV show. In this bill, there is a cluster of method available inclusive of blood, 'liquid' and pubic hair. What is not clear to me is to what extend should the public comply? Some may be adverse to the needle and may reject having their blood taken. I for one am not looking forward for my pubic hair sample being taken. Would the 'accused' then run foul of law if this person allowed all sampling method to be taken except one? Can the authority come back again and again to collect samples?

A recent case in Australia where "Bungled DNA case forces review of 7,000 convictions in Australia" (AFP) shows that it is possible that mistakes happen. "Civil liberty groups said the bungled case was a warning over the use of DNA as conclusive evidence, while some lawyers have suggested that it would lead to challenges to such evidence in future cases". It is pertinent to be more thorough & methodical in the preparation of the bill that will significantly impact the public. It is important that the necessary tool be given to our law enforces yet it need to be regimented enough to uphold the rights of citizens.

Catholic church in Pahang threatened with demolition

From Charles

Last week some 1,000 persons protested the attempt to demolish an over 80 year old Catholic Church/Chapel in Triang, Pahang - and they were met by 200 over persons believed to be aligned to the Developer.

The FRU were there in full gear - and they caused the 'save the church' protest to end.Well, it is a small Church in a 'rural Pahang town' - and looking through the newspapers, I saw almost no report of the struggle of the community to preserve their 'heritage' church - nothing about that 1,000 strong protest...nothing really.

And that makes me wonder of the actual number of placesa of worship that is being demolished and torn down in Malaysia.I hope the Pahang State Government, which is a BN government, and also the Federal Government step in and ensure that this very old Church is preserved - and not demolished.Hopefully, after Permatang Pauh - maybe the media and others could also look at what is happening in small town Triang in Pahang --- and do the needful to safe this church.

"UiTM Fascism

A well written article and was unable to find the name of the writer. Enjoy

Mara means "to advance (forward)". It is the opposite of "retreat" and the declaration of defeat. It does not mean Undur.Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) must live up to its name. So must its younger brother Maktab Rendah Sains MARA. It is in the interest of the public to suggest good ideas for reform - and to advance.In my lifetime I have been affiliated with both organisations. I taught in the former institution and I was schooled in the latter. Whether a product of historical accident or not, I am proud of my experiences in both. There is a reason for things to happen. I came from a poor family and was given the chance to have an education I wish many more Malaysians, my parents included. But I wish to share my view on this troubling phenomenon that is plaguing a certain segment of the Malays. My argument will be largely linguistic.

What is the Malay view of the recent protest of UiTM student - of those young "men-in-black" whose are mourning and calling for the death of reason and rationality and for critical sensibility?I think Malays in general are angry at the protesters. I think they are embarrassed that those few thousands of Malay students were displaying their ignorance of what Universiti Mara means.While other universities have advanced (sudah mara ke hadapan) and are proud that they are embracing diversity and sharing resources for the benefit of deserving children of all races, those protesting UiTM students are experiencing the opposite. They are yelling with pride the word "defeat" and "retreat". Instead of Ayuh Mara they are actually saying Jom Undur. While thinking needs to advance, these students are saying that they need to digress (Ayuh… mari mundur ke belakang). Mundur is the derivative word. Should a university embody the philosophy of mundur rather than mara? Should it even be proud of being and embodiment of that philosophy? I doubt it. Only a misguided leader will be proud of being a guide to 'defeat and retreat' while the world around 'advances' and moves.But these students are not entirely at fault. It is the ideology and perpetrators of the ideology of undur itself that's at fault. It is the leaders implementing the retrogressive ideology that are at fault. It is the systematic indoctrination programme of ketuanan Melayu run over the decades that are advancing this UiTM philosophy of retreat.
It is an overdose of the work of government-sponsored Biro Tata Negara (BTN) that is making the mass retreat and defeat possible. It is the work of Malay-dominated agencies like these that are imprisoning the minds of the Malays. This is an anti-Malay-progress establishment that is using deformed arguments on race and ethnicity to pursue an educational ideology that has gone bankrupt. Docile Malay intended This is an anti-Malaysian mode of thinking that is still allowed to shackle the mind of the Malays. The idea is simple: make the Malay mind docile and afraid to think and you will divide and conquer them.UiTM students need to instead protest against the continuing oppression they are experiencing through the work of their own institution and through BTN. They should demand that multiculturalism instead of blind nationalism be made the foundation of their college experience.
UiTM students are more intelligent than those who protested against the suggestion.In the 1980s UiTM's (then ITM) orientation programme used to be conducted using the tactics of sheer humiliation and stupidity; meant to stupefy the young, bright Malay minds.The ROTU (Reserve Officers Training Unit then) was part of the week-long organisers of the orientation to create an awareness of how ITM students must learn to live in a tough and challenging environment. Senior students would prey upon the incoming freshmen to make them 'tough' through humiliation – name-calling, physical threats, psychological abuse, etc. Minggu Orientasi (Orientation Week) is a week for the seniors to have control over the mind of the Malays; oftentimes in a gangsterish way. Of course, it is also the time for the senior boys to show toughness to the young girls in this 'big brother-little sister' game of tough love. Many of them fell involved with each other in this 'Master-Slave' relationship. Even senior girls prey upon young boys, acting rough and tough on them. Pathetic paternalistic philosophy in progress.At times the freshmen would be roughened up by students in army boots and told to just follow instructions if they are to survive in ITM. They will be screamed at for trying to speak up.

This is the ideology of ketuanan Melayu at work; how to enslave the mind of the young Malays and continue to do so through the hidden curriculum designed by those who wish to have control over the mind of the bright young and eager-to-learn Malays. Instead of teaching the in-coming students how to take good notes, listen to lectures, speak up in public, pay extra attention to English Language, and be open to new ideas, respect each other, and learn from other cultures, the Malay students are subjected to humiliation in a place that called itself a university.Retrogressive ideologiesIn MRSM as well, a predominantly Malay-elite secondary institution for the best and brightest young Malays, similar things have been happening since the 1980s as well. Kursus Kesedaran (Self Awareness Courses) are conducted to instill the questionable idea of Ketuanan Melayu, making the children afraid of "Malaysian boogeymen and boogeywomen" and their own shadows. Open-mindedness is rarely encouraged and students take control over each others' lives transplanting retrogressive ideologies into each other's head, with the help of ultra-nationalist and anti-multiculturalist teachers. Even if these children survive the ideological ordeal and experience 'tough love' and go on to get their degrees from top American and British universities, they will still be Malays with a shallow understanding of multiculturalism or become more sophisticated Malays with more complex arguments on Ketuanan Melayu. They will then design policies to affect the needed sustenance of ideology in order to protect the interests of the few. Neo-feudalistic cybernetic Malays are then new creation of the political-economic ruling class. They run the country and many are now running it down.

As an educator wishing to see Malays progress alongside in peace and prosperity with other races, I call upon us all to put a stop to all forms of indoctrination held especially by the BTN; an organisation that is of no value to the advancement of the Malays they claim to want to liberate. It should be taken over by progressive Malaysians and replaced with a systematic effort to promote not only racial understanding through teaching respect and deep reflection on the cultures of the peoples of Malaysia, but also teach conflict resolution and mediation through cross-cultural perspectives. All must question the presence of BTN on campuses. All must reject BTN's programme for indoctrination.Let us no longer allow any government body of that sort to set foot on our campuses or our schools. As Malaysians we have to demand an end to the further dissemination of racist ideologies.Open up, not only UiTM and MRSM but also Umno to more cultures. We will have a great celebration of diversity and respect for human dignity in decades to come. I speak as a silent reproduction and capitalised human of both MRSM and UiTM; a product of the human capital revolution of the Mahathir era.MARA means progress. Malays are now sick of contradictions and doublespeak. They do not wish to Undur. Let us all protest against the stupefication of the Malays. Let us dismantle racist institutions.
I chance upon the main page of Utusan yesterday and seemed that they are egging ISA against the BAR council. Go ahead and do it. It will bode well with Rais Yatim’s trip to countries to assure other nations that our judiaciary ( and legal) system are of the highest standing. This certaintly will help him. Is the government setting up the Bar council to nullify them in the face of the Anwar sham?

And on the same page in the online edition, Utusan did a recap of the olmpic highlights. It is ironic to find "Prestasi athlet kita" side by side with another racial posting on " Khalid hina UITM, (hina) orang Melayu" where KJ affliated minister of higher education lambasted Selangor MB for even suggesting that Uitm allows 10% of its quota to be non Malays. The irony is that the country is hoping to strike gold from people from a combination of different races in the olympic and at the same time, makes the non Malays feel that they are second class citizen. How is this going to motivate our atheletes when you know that it is ultimately the colour of the skin that this UMNO-led government looks at?

Damn if you do, damn if you don't

Update: So, the conference got shot down by a group of mobs and supported by police.

I was disappointed with what happened today, even more with PKR and PAS.

Anyway, i got thinking and contrasted that out with the attack on Christianity by the Da Vinci code phenomena. And i remember reading an email written in BM with the intention of teaching its reader to use the book to challenge christians.( for those who think that Muslims are 100% above board, here is an example) Anyway, my reflection is to the Malaysian Christian leaders who ask us to be calm and came out with forums and Q&A sessions. In these, we learn about the book, the author, the truth, half truths and creative stretches, the backup from secular findings, church history and theological explaination. I think it was an immensely mature way of handling challenges by educating and role modeling. There is no protest, book burning and name callings. Soon, the phase passed over and everybody is wiser, even those friends who tried to make the mountain out of molehill.

If Muslims felt that they have been incorrectly attacked, so does other religions. In my religion, Christ ask us to be forgiving to the extend of giving the other cheek. Christians are not perfect as we are only human. I think that is the difference. Please be more confident in your religion and mature in your response.

(The Star) - The Bar Council Malaysia’s proposed forum pertaining to conversion to Islam is unsuitable for discussion in an open manner, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.
He said an open forum could incite emotions among those with differing views.
( Is this a statement? of course emotions are part of human beings. But a mature human can handle their emotion and articulate that out, not resorting to pickets ala UMNO)

“Forums on sensitive topics are best discussed in closed sessions,” he told reporters after the launch of VistaJet’s charter services into Asia via Subang airport and the opening of SkyPark FBO in Malaysia here yesterday.
“We are not stopping public debates. It is something healthy, but (the proposed forum) should be a closed session.”
Najib seemed to like to do things behind closed doors , with selected people. If Bar council is more inclusive and not exclusive, why put your own preference forward?

Asked whether the Government would stop the Bar Council from holding the forum, he said: “I don’t know. They have their own mind.”

Umno Youth exco member Datuk Pirdaus Ismail said the movement strongly opposed the Bar Council’s plan.
“Don’t play with fire! Don’t ever touch on religious and racial sentiments,” he said in a statement yesterday. “Whatever the excuses given, the forum still provokes Malay sentiments and creates uneasiness and public disorder, particularly among the Malays.” - Why can an UMNO leader make a 'lets go to war' statements like this and continously gets away it. I think his statement of 'excuses' is an excuse itself belittling the real mature people in Malaysia. When UMNO and PAS talks about Islam and Malay, it also created uneasiness among the very people that they are talking about to protect.

PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat questioned the Bar Council’s move to organise a forum that touched on Muslim sensitivities.
However, he would support a special forum between Islam and other religions, he told reporters in Kota Baru. - Untill now, there is no real initiative in this area. The fact that the government came out strongly and later back down on these engagements deprive avenues to engage constructively. And i doubt PAS can do better in this area.

Foreign minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, asked for his opinion on the Home Minister telling the Bar Council to call off its public forum, said: “This is not the Government’s decision. That was the Home Minister's personal view. - Syeh Hamid, you got that!?
“There is no need for us to place restrictions right from the start. If Syariah intellectuals want to discuss, surely we won't say no.
“If an issue needs to be discussed by certain parties, it should have a strong basis for that.”
- Finally, a wise man who dares to say what should be said. And probably because of that, he is not the most powerful race based warlord in UMNO. But again, lets look at a Malaysian context and not on one race, and you will find this argument valid. If the Islamic intellectuals can do it, why can't others?

Bar Council vice-chairman Ragunath Kesavan said in a statement: “We are not challenging or questioning the provision of Article 121(1A) conferring jurisdiction on the Syariah courts.”
The council was of the opinion that conflicts were best addressed in an open, frank and mature manner by all the parties involved, he said, adding that it had put together a panel of speakers representing the views of various parties.
“We believe that the forum will promote an in-depth examination of the issues involved, and will help create a greater awareness of the complex issues that we need to resolve together as a nation.”

When UMNO and PAS talks in secret ( khalwat) over Islam and ketuanan Melayu, it is right thing to do and have no impact towards other people's interest and emotion. At least the Bar council is transparent. UMNO decides based on its on skewed needs and sold them as ' good thing'. The government has clearly failed by side stepping this judicial crisis and does not have competence nor the political will to solve. If people then cannot engage to get clarity without threats of national security, it would mean that we are forced to accept this meekly.

Damn if you do, more damn if you don't.

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