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Refering to my latest post on the social outlook among british younger generation, I was equally taken aback by these 2 postings at the Star, on the same day.

I had sex with wife after proclaiming divorce, says singer - Jamal Abdillah, a popular Malaysian singer.

Court: Roslin’s divorce valid - Roslin Hashim, a one point 'good' badminton player.

Both are celebrities in their own right and they are public figures. Both divorced their wives by the same method of mere utterence while seating on the car or at home. I was just taken aback by the seemingly casualness ( no pre divorce counselling?) which have huge consequences for the future. This is definately in the realm of religious law and it is lawful. I do feel for the womenfolk though that their marriage can be like ' telur di hujung tanduk'.
These should be abnormal cases but we are not sure if the Joe public behaves differently. The continual rise of single mothers in Malaysia and divorcee should be perplexing. And like Britain, it will have its own share of demographic challenges.

I want to puke

Zamry the usurper,illegal so called MB of Perak said that he is of equal greatness to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.He just obtained a court order to change his name to Zamry Gandhi Mandela and was immediately approved by another newly appointed judge.

In the latest development, the media was abuzz with a sms received from a strange location. Reporters got a copy of the sms and was shocked by the content.

"Hey Zamry macha, Saddam here. I am better than both these people. One is not a leader of the state, the other just for a few years. But, i was in absolute control .. and people worship me. It seemed that you want to experience that as well. You also have a bad temper, just like me but i have guns to shoot and you only have the police. Quote la my name, macha? Its S-A-D-D-A-M."

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