USD600 million for 12 choppers while it can get 197 choppers for India -Malaysiakini

Wow, India managed to obtain 197 helicopters for the same price and even manage to get them to invest in India. Eurocopter is already present in Subang Jaya and it would not be too hard for them to assemble it locally ala CBU. If people are terrified of buying French cars due to their erratic maintainence prospensity, wonder why we decide on a French helicopter?
The Eurocopter Cougar EC725 was one of four aircraft shortlisted by RMAF. The other three were the Sikorsky S92, Agusta Westland EH-101 Merlin and the Russian-made Mil Mi-17 Hip.
The manufacturers all bid for the contract in an open international tender held during the last Langkawi International Maritime and Air Show.It was reported that the government had allocated US$600 million (RM1.93 billion) to buy an initial fleet of 12 helicopters, which will be in service until 2050. Eight are planned for RMAF's Nuri replacement programme. (

"The Eurocopter Group, a subsidiary of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co (EADS), almost had the US$600 million 197-helicopter deal in the bag. Technical trials had been completed and price negotiations were in progress with Indian defense ministry officials. The European company was to supply 60 helicopters made in France and Germany over the next three years, with the balance of 137 helicopters to be manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) at its Bangalore facility under a transfer of technology agreement." ohhh for 197 flying things, how many we get for that same amount?

Maybe the Malaysian version have all the top of the end gadgets that would not be used, too sophisticated for our repairman ( who will be sent to France to be trained for 6 months for another few million ringgit, but come back 'tak tahu' cause they no speaketh French or English) , gold trimmings and all. Heck, even throw in a few round trips to cut ribbon or commision the tayar.

Contrast the reasons given with the reported testing by India. What is the stated 'need' and why Eurocopter performs better than the other 3 models?

"Indian defence specialists selected the Eurocopter 350B3 reconnaissance model over Bell's LongRanger after an intensive testing period." (AFP)

"Mindef has taken into consideration its needs and Eurocopter presented the best option among all the bidders."(NST)

And, the latest is that the selection is reviewed due to the presense of middlemen. Is our purchase price so extensively expensive because of the presense of middle man? There are already grapevines speculating the involvement of Kamaluddin Abdullah, the son of the Abdullah Badawi who just took over the Defense portfolio in this deal. Strong smell of corruption...

India's army may scrap a 600-million-dollar deal for 197 helicopters from an EADS unit because of complaints about the bidding process and the role of agents, an official said Sunday. (AFP)

Thank God for internet so that minnions like me can check out what other countries are paying for their military hardware. Anybody wants a Mil Mi?

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