Amoker's choice of stolen photos. :)

Line of sight.

The Singing Cousins. So called the Blue Team. No idea how the term came about.

Love the lighting on this photo. Natural and purposeful

Ah, My sis and I. We are still single , btw. Ahem ahem.

With Friends. I am somewhere behind there... u can actually see my cheek.

Amazingly, my observation so far that all the wedding that I have attended from my family side... the man continues to shed tears... esp. in giving speaches & when thanking parents. I think it is ok and right for men even to cry at these special days. That shows that we have 'heart'.

Girls of Pei Fern Wedding.

Chee Muis smile smile , So garang... Eugene's daughter

Ah, the lovely flower girls with .. ehmm baloons..

Nope, he is a boy named Silvester. Future Mr Singapore.

To God be the Glory

Mom and Dad - Can mei Chu , Both TJ and Pei Fern ; My grandma, aunties, Shi and myself.

Jason praying that nobody notices him with the mystery lady. :-)

And the boys praying .. i mean playing as well... :)

God means a lot to my family. He has been the pillar and the sources of our Salvation.
Oh ya, thanks to Uncle Clement for all the pics that I curi. hehe . How ironic.

On reflection, God has certaintly touched my friends. At one point of time in Form 3, it was in one of the Christmas Celebrations in Emmanuel Church that I looked at non christian friends whom have come. I remember looking at them and asking if it is possible that what we do matters at the end .... that they have remote chances of becoming Christians? The answer is No .. because God is the one who calls and does the change of heart. Nothing we(I) can do will be better or can change the fact. The intellectuals brains are the ones who logically believe in Him. Even the stoned hearted .. Lets continue to encourage each other.

Wedding Kepoh

Show off my stomach and pretending to be important.

Where is my daughter la..

Where is my wife laa..

The musicians practising and waiting . They were inspirational. Even sang in chinese. amazing.

Ah .. dah sampai .... Faster faster..

My Second Sister's wedding photos. Ah... we grew up together. Play masak masak , climb trees and eat cili api. And her husband did the same with me from Form 1. Kidding.

So, Wedding of Mr Koh Thong Jin and Rebecca Koh on 30th June 2007. May God hold your matrimony and bless it. It is the start of a wonderful journey. I know, i have not been there yet. haha

From Alltantunya, the Victim

"They follow me from my hotel outside to any place I go. If they protect the boss why they saying to my pir that they can kill me?

That Indian guy told me Mr Razak is rich man, he knows many people here so can easyly put me to jail. They say Malaysia is different from Mongolia and said they know people in police so can easy get me to jail.

If Malaysia law goes like that I cant complane. But true is I didnt nothing to him. Im just normal girl trying to meet my lover who lied to me and promised many things but now want to put me to jail or kill... "

Exerpt from the current Abdul Razak Baginda trial

True. If Malaysia is ruled by people who can do things thru connection only, many people will be marginalized and their reights trampled upon. How many people need to die before this unfairnes got corrected?

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