October Surprise [1 November 2004]
Hey , it is one day before the Nov 2 election in the States . If only resident of US who vote , the chance is that Bush will be reelected. But if other nations nations are allowed to vote , he would have lost by a big margin . The logic is that since US is either invading militarily / economically , the rest of the world that is invaded by this country should be allowed to vote as well. And guess what , majaority of them hate the US guts now. The Vienna Boys choir in Genting Highlands was the hightlight of the week. Since they were here only for a day , the rest of the Malaysian *ahem* cultured population seemed to throng over the hill resort to check out these adorable folks. They were good .. honestly splendid. And to cap out a memorable performance with a local song ( Can mali chan ) and a few goodies from the evegreen " The sound of Music " , Johann and Joseph Strauss , the got the crowd standing in acknowledgement of their impeccable performance.
however , low grades to Genting Resorts for the choice of venue. The aircon duct sounds lounder than the biggest of those fellas. And the air con seemed redundant as the whole "Arena of Stars" felt stuffy and hot. The worst is the sound system . At some part , the were not audible or are not properly balanced. Not only that , some of the boys were not miked up during their sketch .. which left the audience bewildered as the sketch progresses. How do they expect a crowd of 6000 to clearly appreciate the orchestra of voices or performance with such cheap investment in AV equipments ? Or is the performance only for the few VIPs that we sitting just below the stage ? And the cardinal sin for Genting is that they DID NOT apologzed.
Hey , we understand if they don't have the expertise to support or if somethings went wrong. But they could have offered an explaination or at best an apology at the intermission . Is it an Asian thing ? Shame on them as the Austrian conductor diplomatically apologised for his boys after the intermission which i think is no fault of theirs. It was a moral victory for the troupe . Shame on Genting.


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