Makkal Osai's licence is not renewed

It is quite sad to see the GM of this newspaper appearing in TV2 ( government controlled station) making his public appeal for his staff's livelihood. We are not 'anti-government" and will toe the line , he said.

The new Interior Minister carry out the normal 'holier than thou' minister duty that is the hallmark of a Barisan National government. He accused the paper of inciting racial tensions and have 'many public complains".

Do wonder who these public complainers are and what is the actual complain. Would a newspaper be given time to respond to these complains instead of a total ban? Or are these 'complainers' part of the normal BN sandiwara that includes unfounded statements of 'majority', ' silent majority' and "Malay NGOs". Who the heck are these people?

I do personally think that papers like Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian are equally racist with the recent strategies to whip up sentiments regarding pig farm and contract allocations with race and religion. So, decided to put a poll to see the perception of public on which is the most racist newspaper in Malaysia currently. Do join.

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