National Service in Pasir Panjang

Look at them! This is why Malaysia should celebrate its diversity and not racist ( zionist) policy of ketuanan. Only then we are trully merdeka. Celebrating birthday before whacking the Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana cake. Few of them almost fainted from eating so much. And KFC is again a proven hit.

And so, ended my 3rd batch of national service trainee encounter. I still do not agree on the wastage of taxpayer money, bogus provider linked to UMNO getting contracts and dubious safety standards. But still, nothing would stop me volunteering my time to see these teenagers in their time of personal challenge. Some of them would come out better and the rest with no change.

Shahrul and Chan sharing a moment. Both have turned 18 and we celebrated their birthday in between both their birthdays. This is me egging them to blow the invisible fire.

And Catherine, my intern followed me yesterday and she did well in sharing the book in Mandarin. She obviously did much better than I could. It is also fun sharing and teaching in Bahasa to two pribumis and and Indian who speaks fluent Malay. And yes, we used the word "Allah"! as it is in the bible and used by local pribumis for long time. Too bad this is the last session with the kids. They are nice chaps, in fact i have met all types of people just by being there. If you are near one of the camp, do think to volunteer yourself and be part of someone's life.

It has been a challenge speaking in 3 languages and still maintained sanity in my talk. My hope is that all will know God more and to grow in Him. Till we meet again , one day.

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