Malay "NGO"s again ...

I hate racism.

Last week, took great pain to share this with the national service people and during the sharing session with fellow young adults. If Malaysia is to fulfil is unique position using her diversity strength, the race elitist notions should be secondary to more rational agendas. We are NOT Nazis, nor apartheids.

But another group of people continue to do so. And seemd that they are inspired by the UMNO paymasters. The joke on cyberspace is that the new 4 letter word for racist - U-M-N-O.

I just love this response from Chanatak and would like to quote his response.

the Malay groups passed a slew of resolutions ....

Challenging any amendment to the Constitution and judicial system aimed at weakening the sovereignty and position of the Malays. ...
• Demanding tight control on the building of places of worship for other religions according to size of the community and the location.....
• Rejecting any move to bring multilingualism in schools. .....
• Rejecting the use of English in all tertiary institutions. .....
• Demanding that Mathematics and Science be taught in Malay. ....
• Rejecting the notion of multiculturalism.

Just look at the stupidity and irrelevance of the above to what is called Malay rights.
The so-called academicians (???? ) cannot even understand the concept of rights. They are calling for domination as if it is a right to dominate. They reject an international business language purely out of bigotted thinking, not realising that the lack of command of the language has put the nation backwards competitively speaking, and while the majority of these idiots wallow in their bigotted pride in the "limited use" Malay language, the UMNO political leaders continue to send their children overseas to learn English.

Wake up. Even China is turning to English as a second language! Domination is not a right.
And what Malay rights have the people asked to be taken away?

1) We have not asked for the malay sultanate to be abolished
2) We have not asked for malays not to be given government jobs
3) We have not asked the malays to stop building mosques
4) We have not asked for the malays to stop praying loudly
5) We have not asked for the malay language to be abolished
6) We have not asked for the malays to be banned from receiving scholarships
7) We have not asked for the malays to be disallowed from voting in elections We have not asked for the malays to stop receiving government contracts 9
) We have not asked for the malays to give up their right to reserved land
10) We have not asked for the malays ( I think he meant being malays)

All we have asked for is that the nation move forward tapping on the talents of the capable. Stop abusing the system and resources of the nation. Use these properly to build the nation and the nation's human resource. Stop wasting the money on people who are not going to use the privilege beneficially for the nation. See how many of the government sponsored students are NOT PAYING BACK their loans! See how many VVIP's and multimillionaire's children are enjoying scholarships, when these children already can have RM2000 a month as pocket money. See how many new built government buildings have collapsed soon after being handed over due to our "close one eye" culture. Go build mosques by all means. But don't stop others from building their places of worship. They use their own private collections to fund their places of worship. Mosques are built with public money to do so. Isn't that enough? What kind mentality are these Malay academicians showing? Are we not seeing the damage already done to the development of Malay talents, their ability to think intelligently simply by looking the reasoning capability of this group of so-called academicians and leaders? Do we not hear you correctly that you are rejecting multiculturalism - i.e. you are pressing for apartheid policies? Woe to the Malay race by the hands of their own. What a sick mind has developed. God save the Malays from these fools.

For the good of the country, manage the country better if you are the priveledged folk. The Malay rights are protected by the constitution and nobody is asking for its removal. Do understand that while you are harping at the good old days, the world still revolves and moves ahead. Do accept the change as a challenge to prove that your priveledged position does serve to increase and not decrease in worth. So far, you have failed us as a nation.

Nobody knows who the 200 Malay NGOs are. And please la, dun call yourself NGOs and defame the real NGOs. At most, Pertubuhan Peladangs and even Associations of Writers ( GAPENA) are just associations who have their own interests. To call yourself NGOs is a fallacy.

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