Talk a lot , or do a lot more? [07 January 2005]

I personally don't think we will know exactly the reason that God have for the tsunami , and I never bothered at this time. Received an email that blames Christians' christmas 'parties and indecency" from a Malay writer .. And another one that blames the 'idol worshippers' which increases God's judgement due to their 'growing sins" , presumely from a Christian writer. Decided to give up on speculation works and counter work.

I think sometimes we are just to intellectual and 'spiritual' that we forgot the practical aspect of things . The reality is that lotsa people ( 'idol worshippers ' , 'sinners' , Muslims , Buddhists , atheists and whatever categories they are termed ) are dead or hurt and need help. And "what would be your response" may be a more meaningful question to ask.Yesterday , a christian noted that churches seemed to be very inactive in comparison to temples ( buddhist or hindu ) . Without doubt that there are much work collecting money and doing other works ( in all fairness ) , but we seemed to lack urgency as perhaps if it happened to Phillipines. ( orang sendiri ) .

While church response can be argued as not the supposed nor single gauge , Christians can and need to respond in ways that are worthy of our namesake. For faith wihout action is dead.Lord , thank you for ever present command in this situation . For you have created us all , and all the creations acknowledges it. We pray for those who are shattered and broken , that they will find comfort and strength. We pray for those who have lost their belongings , that they can begin living again. We pray for those who are responding with their heart , that they will find abundant grace in their work and deeper love and trust in You and others in this time of stuggle. Forgive us if our priorities are wrong and touch our heart that it will not seemed cold but will enable us to act with our love. Dalam Name Yesus Kristus . Amin.

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