Soup Kitchen in Alor Star and Jinjang

This is a Beacon of hope. Was reading the bible today and was reminded to protect the poor and defenseless ( Psalm 87) . And here, the lady is doing what i can only blog about. This is a footnote for myself of the many ways that one can contribute to society. ( ) .

Here is what I got to know about Clarine.

Lim Chee Peng come from the Trinity Baptist Church, Alor Star (famous for the Fungates) and has been serving in the ministry of music since he was 15 years old. He leads worship, plays the piano as well as write worship songs for his church. His Pastor, Clarine Chun is the founder of Fungates, which ministry has impacted children internationally. Belonging to a church so involved in children's ministry, Chee Peng and Clarine Chun released their first album entitled “COOL”. The songs in their first album are certainly “cool” and was well received by children. Chee Peng wrote most of the songs for that album and sang all the lead vocals. In year 2005, they released their second album entitled IN. In this album, Chee Peng and Clarine co-wrote all the songs and shared the lead vocals. The album IN was more for a general audience and not for children only.


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