In summary, Macau is about gambling ...

You will most probably not agree but in my book, Macau is a passe. I did get to eat some nice food there but HK food is much better. The only thing here worth a second look is the Portuguese food and egg tart. ( 7 HK dollars ). OF course, the plethora of mushroomed gambling hotels here. There is a total of 34 BIG gambling areas here. And because they provide free transport, drinks ( water and coffee ) and entertainment, we happily obliged checking out 5 of the 34 casinos...

Between new and old, Grand Lisboa and Lisboa Hotel belong to Stanley Ho, the richest man over here.
Not so high tech stuff, great entertainment with skinned girls parading their stuff. Can see all the saliva of old men on the floor. Where else can you get shows like " One night in Tokyo" in Macau? I did enjoy this place , they have an area for football and I caught Manchester United getting whacked that night.
The Venitian is an excellent place. I tot i took much more pics of this place but could not find the photos. Very grand , super large the the feet hurts from walking. 2 of the chaps nearly died and became extremely grumpy. hehe. There are 4 man made canals with shops littering it. I just love the fake sky.
Shi and I. ohhh .. looked hideus. Against my advice, she lost HK40 dollar in slot machines. Hey, nobody win in Casinos.
So, the 'trick' is to always go to the ferry terminal to get the free rides to these hotels. And one can basically walk from one end to another. Some restaurants are open throughout the night as well as pawn shops. And of course, there are loads of 'side business' here. No girls approached me with their 'call cards' no matter how hard i tried - dressing like ah pek, dress nicely, looked like hamsap etc. So sad.... even Nick got it. :)


Shi-Lynn said...

You need to be more consistent in getting picked up. Kena in Finnegans Hartamas, but tak kena satu pun by prostitutes in Macau, even when you tried different ways and means. Hmm, maybe next time you don't try so hard.

Are you saying I looked hideous???

And I lost only RM16.37, ok? Take it as tips for the sexy show lah.

amoker said...

u where got hideous? no la... no la..

well, i guess it works against those who worked hard eh? so, next time pretend not interested.

Yeah... kalah to Stanley Ho say so la. Tips?

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