Icons of Sydney: The many ways to skin a cat.

One of the must see of Sydney as I arrived there is definately the Sydney Opera house / Harbour bridge area. ( This blog will be a testimonty of my arrival here) I did not realised how special this place is until I see it with my own eyes as the train approaches Circular Quay train station. It was just wonderful, and being there in person is really special. The cold wind with the glaring sun helps me to appreciate my time at this area. From here on, i was captivated by this Emerald City. Glad to be here on the 75th year of the bridge!

I am sure this chaps appreciate the bridge , and the view ...
A monster of a bridge and a mister of the opera. The tale of 2 cities. I understand Mark Twain came here.

A man name Uwe ( german , of course ) whom i got to chat with during the boat trip. Suggested to him on what to do when his wife come over for new year. As if i am a local... One of the few body shots of me. This one is taken by a chap from China who reciprocrated my gesture. He was trying hard to avoid taking the picture of a couple who were snoring there. :)

Some excellent guy came to the bridge so they put in an excellent plaque.

Not many tourist will come here but i managed to find the way up to it. You can actually cycle accross the bridge. Reckon better than paying AUS150 ( RM 450) for the 1 hour bridge walk.

It looked more magnificent at night..

Self reflection of the restaurant at the opera house. Cun belekun ..
Looked like a whale is going to eat me... yikes!
Wonder how the architect got this figured out. The beams are huge concretes interlocked with each other.
Looked like a hat from here. Check out the Japs who needed to take a class photo. I met them at the airport, prob middle high students. How lucky. In my time, school trips are to Muar Tanjung area.
Oh, the botanical garden.
One of the better photos la .. ya?
Seemed that this is taken about water level. have not figured how I did this yet.
Hustle and bustle of the pier.
Loved the architecture. Here, the crawlies have given this place a robust look.

Happy to be able to get these 2 icons at a location that no many people have used.

The aborigines techno group performing.
Ahso .. group'o photo'o. Very japanese'o. Too bad'o block'o the opera house'o.


Shi-Lynn said...

The place looks beautiful! I really must go. One day lah...

You look like the youngest guy in the group photo.

Thought you said it was cold. How come you walking around in T-shirt and shorts?

amoker said...

i walk with T-shirt all the time. even do that in beijing.. in the middle of spring when the chinese where still under trenchcoat.

I am officially the youngest there!!!!!
whopeeee... i guess that is one thing good about working here vs Loreal. in loreal, am old dudley..

Irene said...

You are wrong abt not worth it paying AUS150 for a walk at the bridge.

The view from above is simply breathtaking. It feels like you've conquered the world. :) And btw it's AUS 160 for a 3hrs experience.. :)

Pics look great, ah pek. lol..

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