Port Dickson Arab Malaysian Bank Branch- No heart ( and ear) for customer

I wrote this with anger and disappointment at the treatment that I received from AM Bank officers in Port Dickson. I have lost my wallet 2 days prior and my CMA ATM card and all my money. I do not even have money to pay for the temporary IC ( RM110 ) and so wanted to take money from my account there.( have my passport, other ID & police report though).

The officer gave a blatant "NO" and insisting on the probably rehearshed theme. I have to give them the alternatives (to call up my home AMBANK) solutions because clearly she is not interested in listening to the customer. I even have to raise my voice in front of the counter to get the officer to listen. She then ask a juniour officer to take my case.

Since I have my fixed deposit there, i then decided to withdraw that sum of money. The juniour officer is given the run around and the managers in this branch just passed the message ( the same message of NO ) thru her. She has to endure my frustration & again i sense that the managers could not care less. Clearly, the decision makers were being uncaring in their decision on a customer that is loyal to the bank all the while. ( my account was set up before 1997) I guess i am a small fry to their big salaries. For one ; once I have got my documentation correct, i will close all my accounts in this bank for clearly it has no heart ( or even ears ) for their customers. Even the Port Dickson police is more profesional & friendly to me when they hear me out.

This email will be blogged, and cced to New Straits Times, Malay Mail, The Star. I appreciate an clarification and most certainly not expect any remorse. Certaintly I have to borrow some money for lunch and to do my temporary IC.


Shi-Lynn said...

A good example of Era Kecemerlangan! Hooray, Malaysia sungguh boleh!

amoker said...

oh ya ya. Go Malaysia!!!

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