Kem Pelangi Photos - 11- 14 November 2007

This camp is called El Sanctuary. Located in pristine Melaka in an area that nobody actually knows, it is run by a Caucasion with his family. The best part is the food here is excellent. The eldest son is actually a chef from Marriot KL.
Hooo Hummmm .. are the kids awake? Was on patrol duty and caught some chaps. Ok la, understand the need of youth to disobey...hehe
Yun Ting catching me catching her during the night service. Look at the ambience with the lighting against the rock. This place is extremely cooling indeed.
And of course, kids catching each other's eyes .. this stare really tell how both of them were being 'nice' to each other...This are my group members. A group of initially quiet youth who amazed me with their 'kwai'ness. Excellent bunch of kids, would not asked for others.
We had games...
Learned new things & enjoy the success ( or the lack of it)
And the group won No TWO in the performance. We did a love story with adaptation of korean movie, Malay movie, Bollywood and a sprinkle of learnings!! One great thing that we learn is to go beyond what we think our limitation is and let God help us to go beyond.
At 12 years old, he emerged as one of the leading actors that day. Bright future indeed
Yes, we are extremely happy with the pressies .. look at the loot!
Look how evil the guys are .. Loads of photo sessions..

But as usual, am mostly popular among the girls... ahemmSee, she was even looking at me like... oh .." how handsem...."

Somebody got to do this picture twice as we got the legs at the first go. Look hideus eh, all kangkang and stuff... all in all, a time well spent on my 4 days of annual leave. Hope we keep in touch and one day.. will meet again. Gooooo Mentakab , Temerloh and Muar !!


NY said...

I went there last April. Very nice place.

The foods are superb especially the nyonya cuisine.. yummy. ate few rounds until stomach full... haha


Shi-Lynn said...

Am glad that you took the time to invest in these kids' lives. It may not show now or even in the near future, but am very sure you made a positive difference.

Proud of you, Koh. :)

amoker said...

Yeah. in sms with some of them last week as there is flooding in Temerloh. But they generally are ok. One fine day and we will meet again. Same with some of the kids in PD now.

Man.. they grow so fast..

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