The longest constructed airport in the world

Ashari happy to arrive in Suvarnaburmi Airport. The plan for this airport started in the 60s.
A discerning landmark. Reminds of Thai industrial chimmeys and something else.
This is an aircon unit. Bless the techincian who goes around repairing it.

Nice structure, but rather industrial. The ceiling were not even cat-ted.
Back to KLIA

Beautiful lady poses for an uncle. took 5 minutes for a shot. phew.
Wait at terminal, wait at luggage pickup ( brokedown ) , wait at taxi counter ... . Malaysia Airports and MAS needs to get the act together. There are rumours of sabotages but we got to get things right. Shame on the Ministers. They have cheffuers to wait for them. Poor people like us got to wait.
So much differ from the last time I was in Bangkok. Check out this pics. And was less fat also. hehe

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