Street food and Thai taste

Blood Shot red dragon fruit juice. First time taste. Excellent!!
Just plan ole rice that smells herby - with Chang Beer. Cost - Bbt 1500 for dinner.

Showing her how to .. ehmm ... pretend to work. I have no idea why they make her work in front of the restaurant.
Ah... i lost a leg....

Real street food at Bht 20
So, did i manage to eat another piece of weird food this time? Yep, manage to hunt down some insects. The grasshopper taste nice, crunchy and salty. The worm taste like crab meat with an aftertaste. Grasphopper wins!!

Starbucks with coffee jelly. A miss.

The pork mee in chatuchak market is superb. A teachew owner. It was hot eating this under the hot sun.

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