Amoker's choice of stolen photos. :)

Line of sight.

The Singing Cousins. So called the Blue Team. No idea how the term came about.

Love the lighting on this photo. Natural and purposeful

Ah, My sis and I. We are still single , btw. Ahem ahem.

With Friends. I am somewhere behind there... u can actually see my cheek.

Amazingly, my observation so far that all the wedding that I have attended from my family side... the man continues to shed tears... esp. in giving speaches & when thanking parents. I think it is ok and right for men even to cry at these special days. That shows that we have 'heart'.


ah ti said...

Man only cried during wedding day, haha! Great photos.

Ling said...

Coz its end of their bachelorhood! HAHA... really men so emotional during their wedding? Actually be thankful to God for he had found the oned in his life!

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