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Reads like another PR exercise for Sime Darby. Read the artcle and one will not find comfort in the word of the chairman.Already, you can sense the impending doom to IJN.
Talking about synergizing between SJMC and IJN. SJMC is known to be profit oriented and their track record in social responsibility is abysmal. There are even incidences of SJMC refusing patients and emergency cases.
The rakyat would be a fool to think that it will happen. Both Gov and Sime Darby would claim moral victory by saying that the rates will be the same. BUT, the proportion will be much smaller. So, full payer would cover more % than the poor paymaster. Pay poormaster will be given a small ward, unless they upgrade. lalala .

Sime Darby needs to hands off IJN!
Gov't gives green light to IJN privatisation
Dec 18, 08 1:41pm
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today said that the government has no objection for Sime Darby Bhd to acquire a stake in the national heart institute (IJN).

A total sell off. Najib's statement shows how uncaring the government is. Another good institution sold of. Just lower the IPP payment (RM1-2 billion per year) and you can keep IJN with a raise for all workers. Najib's response to the hillside tragedy is also hollow - consider HK blueprint so homeowners pay. And the current rakyat subsidy of petrol fuel where government makes RM150 million per month. Government seemed to make all the profit and take away the few institution that is effective for the rakyat.

Why is sime darby so influencial? They got the government to pressure Guthrie etc. to merge and now this... . With their car business suffering, CPO prices down, leaders sacked and put in court .. Sime Darby is not a company that inspire confidence.



Anonymous said...

Privatization= only those who can afford to pay can receive medical attention in IJN. Tell me I'm wrong... I dun think I am.

amoker said...

Clef, you are not. Spot on.
The rest is just a hot air.

Anonymous said...

I'm still pissed off with this IJN privatization thingie. Lemme speculate...THEY ARE GOING TO PRIVATIZE IT AFTER THE TERENGGANU ELECTION. What say you?

amoker said...

I say you are correct again.

The devil is in the detail. All the hot air will evaporate and soon, the poor will find themselves squeezed out by well paying foreigners and rich people.

So smart.

Najib's strategy
Helicopter -> now PAC has given green light.
For IJN -> the so called study group will also give the green light one le.

Anonymous said...

Study group? wud study group? ohh... you mean those tht hang out at high class and expensive kopitiam ah? lol. *smirk* ohhh... THAT study group! Well, soon instead of waiting in line for a heart donor, ppl will be able to BUY one.

amoker said...

What kopitiam? 5 star hotel, all expense paid 'research trip'. Look at how the foreign ministry spend money for abroad trip to gather information on Batu Putih ( in Europe ) yet plagiarizes website and uses Singapore's copy for their case.

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