Smiley moon :>

Of course this is a fake. (Taken)

Apparently the eyes are the planet Venus and Jupiter. And of course, the earth's moon provides the smile. The planets have no control to my destiny but I did enjoy the sight as did people accross the globe. One even got a photo of the smiley with a nose.
"While they appeared to be close together, in reality they weren't. The crescent moon is 403,000km away while Venus is 149.5 million kilometres away and Jupiter 870 million kilometres.

The unusual astronomical event was observed for several hours early on Monday evening. It will be another five years before it appears again."

Hope I will still be alive then. kekek


Calvin Soo KJ said...

hi hopping today. got it from cleffairy. cheers and god bless.... :)

Anonymous said...

Oiks... Calvin is also here. LOL... *waves*

I used to be fascinated with the sky, and used to dream about being the first woman in Malaysia to be an astronaut. Learn so many things about the planets and the constellation known to men, but in the end, i was knocked back to earth, realizing that such dreams is not so possible in Malaysia, where women's voice and women's ability are still supressed.

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