What the BN assemblyman can do in Taiwan.

My friend confirmed that the ground tour for the 50 odd assembleyman costs RM60,000 each, "the best of everything". That is not inclusive of business class airline ticket. So, what do these MPs want to do when they are tired of looking at cows and soy beans? Some brought their golf sets, but i reckon they are looking for something more. Here are the top 5 list:-

Top Pick. Hot Springs - naked.

My first experience of being free , in public. The trick is to progressively move up in tempreture and then jump into the super cold, shrinking-balled water.

Top 2. Oogle at Taiwanese ladies. Forget about the famous bettlenut girls, well dressed girls are very evident in Taiwan. Among the best dressed in Asia, these bevy of beauties are even romantic ...

and flexible. How does she does that and still able to hold hand?
Top 3: Visit the aborigines. Here, the aborigines work for their living, like the rest of the population. And they are very good in what they do. The MPs can learn a bit or two, even from the tribe known as Malas.
Editors Pick 4: Soap opera. Yes, Taiwanese soap operas and densely long and tear drenching. A death can take one episode and marriage is never easy with the evil-in-laws.

Can even putus cinta on sidewalk.

And undress in public to do the shooting.

Top 5: Shapoo ...

And if after shampooing hair is not good enough ( or not enough hair), try this toilet restaurant that dishes out food that is actualy edible.

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Anonymous said...

LOL... amoker...these MPs are playing hide and seek and peek a boo. :-(

Anyway tis post make me laugh so hard. It made my day. Thank you so much.

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