Malaysia, member of parliament goes to Taiwan to study about agricultural technology

You can read all the excuses that Barisan National MP gives to justify this 'study trip"..

-> Useful to debate budget

-> Agriculture is important

-> MPs are the more effective medium to the farmers.

-> MPs need to have adequate knowledge to suggest improvements ( like there is no Mardi, FAMA etc. to learn from)

Bla bla bla..

My only question is , why is this MP going to 'study trip' with golf bags?From Malaysia-insider


Anonymous said...

LOL... easy answer la... because they are not going to study, but go there to play golf and shopping. Hahahaha.

Harrison bin Hansome said...

This "Agricultural-Study-Tour" organized by the BN B(ack)B(enchers)C(lub) by it's chairman, Tiong King Sing was originally to ship the BN MPs oversea to avoid crossovers to PR.

The BN Govenment, from top to bottom are master-wordsmith of knavery -when Malaysia-Today was banned, they rejected that they had blocked access to Malaysia-Today but had banned it on grounds that the website was libellous, defamatory and slanderous as Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar puts it of what reflects the same intent.

Excellent spot-on, Amoker-for the golf-casings. LOL. 1 thing the fleeing MPs will surely forget to tag along -their wives. Three's a crowd, isn't it? ;)

amoker said...

They probably go thru the special VIP room. If wifes no come, they can go and meet the bettlenut girls in Taiwan.

The funny part is that after they arrive, Taiwan is jolted by a 6.1 richter scale earthquate. Terbalikkan 6.1 and you get 1.6. haha.. 16 Sept. ( ok, this is a stretch)

Collin said...

my papa says golf has something to do with land also they need to studi really hard to see the best grassland in taiwan for important recreational activities like golf. besides, golf does help to bring in foreign investments too, right?...hehe...:-p

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