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One week ago, I got a reply back from her as I gave her a a link of unsrupulous article that is coming out from UMNO ground roots. From an awefully busy lady and MP, that was what I termed as "personal attention". Then, her name was involved in the "azan" scheme, clearly syndicated as she was a Chinese and *gasp* a Catholic/ Christian. Below is a good research on what actually transpired. For me after reading this, It is more evident that she does not deserved to be ISAed. We prayed for her in our church yesterday , and for all who are unlawfully detained under ISA. Tan Hoon Cheng has been released quickly and she shares her experience. When I look at both their old parents crying, I feel very sad of this inhumane law that is open for misused.

Why YB Teresa Kok was been arrested ? After all the research has been done, here are the summary that was gathered. It all started because one of the members in one small forum asking whether what he heard from one of BN state assembly person speech during a function was held.

How it started ? During that time only residents in Bandar Kinrara, YB Datuk Satim Diman know about this matter. The petition letter. It started back in February 2008, Petition signed by 189 residents.1 ) The petition, signed by 189 residents, was handed over to Serdang state assembly person Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman from Umno in February (before election) and another copy given to the mosque authorities. Masjid Bandar Kinrara.
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