Of Boredom and food.

Ah .... u again.
What to do during a 4 hour journet at the back of a van, rumbering thru traffic and uneven roads? Ok, I gave a decent photo in the end. Sue me. hehe
Yam Seng!! Mr Lim, Alvin and myself gorging it down since it is free. IN fact, they pretended to drink it and so I was the first one to had it.
Mystery food challenge in Laos - drink 2 cups of alcohol brew consisting of King Cobra & Pagolin with herbs. Tasted almost the same ... really.
For Monita birthday, our surprise for her is tasty Thai dessert of poppia roll and cocunut sugar. .. with 1 worm and extra juicy grasshopper. Alvin and I packed it and went over to the girls room and gave a smoke screen by eating it first. Trustingly, Monita took one. Only grossed up when Sam showed her this visual and she went to the toilet to almost threw up.. This is a birthday that you will not forget. :)

Place to go. Thai food in a clean, comfy environment. Not too expensive. Called Kad Luang Airport. Then take a free taxi ride back to hotel.
'I kick u' .... spoiling the shot for Sam ( haha.. learning from me ) and sharing secrets like " Brother, why your stomach looked so slim in this photo?"
Family photo pulak...
Yang with a Maggi sticker in the plane. Made such a ruckus that the ah pek in front have to go to the seat behind me. Then the big kids began to talk loudly like in Pak Cik stall.. and Ah pek went back to the front seat. He went back and forth. It was quite a ride.

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Shi-Lynn said...

You actually tricked people into eating a hidden grasshopper and worm on her birthday???

Tsk, tsk.

Not bad for a novice prankster. Well done! :)

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