Chiang Mai / Rai thru Len-see

So, I like to think that i can take some decent shots .. sometimes. Here are some takes in Chiang Mai. No fake posing, just on the spot. Some turn out good, some bleachhh...
No bad. Alvin was posing like a model. hahah
Best shot according to Sam. Good proportion
Trying to capture too many things at one go. In the end, Mon got a lebai.
Ha. Ms Model posing. Nice capture, but the focus more on flower that her. Dang SLR ( not my skill .. ahem)

Like this. One macro view of all the juices with alcohol.
Different lanscape. Love the roof , adding texture to the photo.
"I pray "...
Alamak, did not work out. Disaster...
My favourite expressionless expression. It is not easy living as a specimen. The Longnecks in the village where i felt that they were taken for a ride.

Sam and the Yunnan girls. She look Cina a bit also.
I think i capture the 3 perspectives that are prominent in this space . The temple behind, the pagoda of gold and some kind of umbrella. I hope those are not real gold....
Ok, so I ask them to act...

So Natural. Look at that guy who faces us with his buttocks. Another fav.

Symmetrical with 3 elephants. Hard to get this. Check out the elephant guy in the middle that sticks out his tongue. haha
And this guy on the left who shows his middle finger. Sam feeding the Chang.

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Shi-Lynn said...

Love the one of the two longneck women with the kid in the middle. Yes, it's not nice being a human exhibit.

Sam is very photogenic lah. One of the reasons why you got good shots, I think. :)

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