"I-know-it-is-hard-to-get-a-decent-photo-of-me" segment

Curi ambil gambar!! Take my shaolin feet!! Worst after rain.

And my Thai shaolin palm to balance the cookie on the coffee. "The Best Coffee in Asia" is nowhere near the best in Chiang Mai and some say even Chiang Rai.

I can't stand it anymore of pretending to climb up this staircase when I actually used the train up for 50 Bht daylight robbery. Seriously wonder who will go for a holiday with me next time?

I believe I can fly .. and land exactly when the camera clicked. Inspired by the 8 fellow dragons sitting there.

"Kawaii" ( cute ) with Ms Japanese girl. She also got into the act.

"Kawaii" And the long neck girl did the same back to me with her "Peace" sign. And I tot they are ulu..

Ah, Thai fair gentle lady and a ruffian with a vege stick as cigar.

Mon can't help herself... bring joy to the world..
I give u big big eyes ala Japanese cartoon girl. Hah, look at Alvin .. getting infected with the disease..

Came out with this "Golden Triangle". They can use this if coming up with a Thai - Ultraman series.
We think that this is the Laos sign of .. ehmm... dunno...
The elephants will be amused naturally.
Lanxi face.

By this time, Samantha gave up of trying to get a decent photo of me.

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Shi-Lynn said...

I bet the middle elephant was trying to whack you on the head.

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