To God be the Glory

Mom and Dad - Can mei Chu , Both TJ and Pei Fern ; My grandma, aunties, Shi and myself.

Jason praying that nobody notices him with the mystery lady. :-)

And the boys praying .. i mean playing as well... :)

God means a lot to my family. He has been the pillar and the sources of our Salvation.
Oh ya, thanks to Uncle Clement for all the pics that I curi. hehe . How ironic.

On reflection, God has certaintly touched my friends. At one point of time in Form 3, it was in one of the Christmas Celebrations in Emmanuel Church that I looked at non christian friends whom have come. I remember looking at them and asking if it is possible that what we do matters at the end .... that they have remote chances of becoming Christians? The answer is No .. because God is the one who calls and does the change of heart. Nothing we(I) can do will be better or can change the fact. The intellectuals brains are the ones who logically believe in Him. Even the stoned hearted .. Lets continue to encourage each other.

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