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Another hallmark of the occupation of Iraq by the United States. Today , the country will be forced to vote for a government that will most probably be less desired by the occupiers than they hoped. With the every increasing 'noises' among the conservatives , pro-wars and even church goers in US on the realism of the war and cost , George Bush is hard pressed to make sure that they do not loose in the counting of votes. In fact , would there be a chance that "votes manipulation' will happen? Lets pray that the adminstration would not go lower than that what it is already now.

A more meaningful leadership lineup has been stated. We thank those who have contributed in the past year , and this year's list looked increasingly solid. May God continue to watch over the work of reaching out to the people in the workplace.

Here are the leadership list for iBridge in the year 2005.
iBridge caters for young graduates in the ages of 21-35.
We take pride at serving all of you and ensuring that together, we can all grow in Him and through Him.

If you want to suggest or volunteer in any area, you can contact any of the people below.
Internet Team - In charge of iB yahoo group, website and all other matters related to internet Dave Chong - Tel: 019-3356095
Irene Kiew - Tel:019-2217875
Headstart - In charge of all headstart groups, leaders, members & manual and training Liew Cow Yuan - Tel: 012-2072085
Development - To recruit members to iB through universities, FES, OCF, network and partner with other organisations and individuals. Nixson Rudd - Tel: 016-2625100
Face-2-Face - To organize face to face meetings for iBridge which may include annual camp, outing, seminars etc Ang Ee Wei - Tel: 012-2342692
26-35 Ministry - havent given a proper name yet for this ministry. Basically, this team will study, suggest and implement programs / needs for those in the ages of 26-35. Dr Yap Yoke Yeow - Tel: 012-3056912 , Elaine Yap
Treasurer - One of the main agenda for 2005 will be to raise fund for FES
Carmen Chin - Tel: 012-3721282
James Daniel - Tel:012-6706717
Dr Living Lee Chai Peng -
Alvin Ung and Huey Fern - currently studying in Regent College, Canada.

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