What Iraq Voting questions

This is real cynical way of putting the truth into a hurtful joke.

exerpt from Hawra Karama
Do you prefer to be tortured by
A) American soldiers or B) British soldiers?
When occupying soldiers stop you in the street, would you rather be strip-searched
A) with blindfold or B) without blindfold?
When foreign soldiers enter your house in the middle of the night to arrest your husband and terrorize your kids, would you prefer that they
A) knock or B) ring the doorbell? [This question seemed odd because I thought they knew we don't have electricity and therefore the doorbells don't work.]
Which of the following CIA-paid Iraqis should represent you? [The list is too long to reprint here.]
Do you want the foreign forces occupying your country to leave?
A) No. [I imagine they had accidentally forgotten to print "Yes."]

To make sure our voices were being fully heard, some of the questions were open ended. Voters were actually allowed to write in their opinions on a number of issues. Observe:

Which media outlet should hold the copyright to the pictures of your torture?

The occupation has violated the sanctity of the holy sites in Najaf and Karbala and bombed many mosques in Baghdad and Falluja. Are there any other holy sites you believe the occupation has missed?
Which American company do you believe should be awarded a monopoly on Iraq's oil?

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