What a weekend!!!!

Back in work this morning .Phew . it was long weekend. I managed to finish my assignment on Saturday early morning. 30 plus pages of 'rotten analysis' . It is like using a method that supposed to build a car to review a fully built car. It was very 'troubling' as my logical mind failed to comprehend the significance of the process. At the end , it was down to the basic question of grades. So , that submission is only to get some mark. But i did 'beautify' it by putting more colours etc. I hope my lecturer like colour and photos. haha .

So , Sat was another day of long lectures . 8 am - 1 pm ... was my first class. I actually woke up at 8 only with a big headache. Scrambbled out of my bed to take bath and do my necessary daily bathroom tasks. haha . Then revved up the car to the varsity . Managed to arrive there are 8.25 but guess what , we had a morning breakfast break!!! The lecturer did not have her breakfast , so decided to give us one as well . How thoughful of her as i did not have mine as well!!! hehe . Ok , so things were looking well. Had another replacement class from 2 pm-5 pm . Did a presentation for another assignment . Chabut before the last group finishes their presentation on "metacognitive" ( what?) to attend a wedding at FGA KL .

It was THE marriage of my ex-cell group leader / co - leader in my varsity days . His name is also Joseph , but he is an indian . Of course , 'coincidently' the third Joseph ( Vijaraj ) played piano on that night. His wife is called Eunice , a chinese Hakka lady from Sitiawan . And i was there when their romance blossomed. hehe . It was fabulous to see so many of my seniors and juniours attending their wedding . Nowadays , wedding is a time to catch up with each other . I was telling another guy ( Hock Lok - the most eligible Christian bachelor in Klang Valley ) that at the end of all these weddings .. i would have memorized the wedding vow. In fact , he said that he is halfway there. Wonder if that is a sign?!

But the 'news' of the day is when 3 pair of my juniours decided to tell me that they are getting married this year. It was stressful bombardment of "when is yours?" and " you are not young already loh": . aisks .. they are sounding like parents already. haha

Allan and Pei Gee - 8 October 05
Peter and Phan - November 05
Kian Hee and Magdelene- November 05

Oh ya , Adeline is 7 months pregnant now . Hey , i did not notice that in the last wedding that we met .

Church on Sunday was a great relieved. Got around fetching my cousins and 2 friends early so that we can do an Indian breakfast together. Then after service , we had a "Slave Auction" process to generate fund ( not fun ) for the youth work . Slaves are auctioned to the highest bidder that will then be used to do work , in exchange for the money . Thank God that everything went on very well in spite of the confusion during the planning stage. But God makes things happen . The money will then be chanelled to our social work ( this year would be to the Orang Asli work in Shah Alam ) and maybe to fund some poor students for camps. We actually raised over RM1600 for these .. it was just incredible .

Then we had good lunch at a preanakan Penang food place. Went to check out a house that i will help to house-sit for the next 2 months and then send the kids back to their college. After that - time to read newspaper on my bed .. and zzZzZZZzzzZ. esp cool since it rained.


HL said...

Hmm I didn't know you had a blog... and you were talking about me. :)

HL said...

That was seriously a long time ago!

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