I want to puke

Zamry the usurper,illegal so called MB of Perak said that he is of equal greatness to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.He just obtained a court order to change his name to Zamry Gandhi Mandela and was immediately approved by another newly appointed judge.

In the latest development, the media was abuzz with a sms received from a strange location. Reporters got a copy of the sms and was shocked by the content.

"Hey Zamry macha, Saddam here. I am better than both these people. One is not a leader of the state, the other just for a few years. But, i was in absolute control .. and people worship me. It seemed that you want to experience that as well. You also have a bad temper, just like me but i have guns to shoot and you only have the police. Quote la my name, macha? Its S-A-D-D-A-M."

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