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Refering to my latest post on the social outlook among british younger generation, I was equally taken aback by these 2 postings at the Star, on the same day.

I had sex with wife after proclaiming divorce, says singer - Jamal Abdillah, a popular Malaysian singer.

Court: Roslin’s divorce valid - Roslin Hashim, a one point 'good' badminton player.

Both are celebrities in their own right and they are public figures. Both divorced their wives by the same method of mere utterence while seating on the car or at home. I was just taken aback by the seemingly casualness ( no pre divorce counselling?) which have huge consequences for the future. This is definately in the realm of religious law and it is lawful. I do feel for the womenfolk though that their marriage can be like ' telur di hujung tanduk'.
These should be abnormal cases but we are not sure if the Joe public behaves differently. The continual rise of single mothers in Malaysia and divorcee should be perplexing. And like Britain, it will have its own share of demographic challenges.


KY Chua said...

Visited here from Eugene's Bold talk. Like the "I want to puke" post. :D

BTW, it is said that whatever "injustice" the hubby does to a wife, he will be measured by God and punished. So I heard.

Secondly, they do have counseling. But then I guess they LACK "religous" education. :D It is said that what they did certainly not religious. Or so I heard.

Cheers! And have a nice day.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

its already a trend. cant help it. but correct me if im wrong, muslims tend to divorce more often. from talak 1 ro talak 3...why so many talak. divorce is divorce. it doesnt matter at what level.

amoker said...

Actually, i would respect the decision of the religion. I do feel that there must be check and balances & if this continues, i do think that the malay community will continue to be impacted.

KY , thanks for visiting. Good to know another person from sabah.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Divorce issue, eh? Muslim women are usually treated like property. When the husband is not pleased with her or he gets bored with her, he just utter the talak, and then she's as good as rubbish. All this happens is becoz Islam itself gives power to men to do whatever they pleased with their wife and therefore most misuse their power to decide.

While it is understandable that power to divorce or proclaim talak is not given to women cuz women tends to act emotionally and not rationally most of the times, assholes of men marries the women in question, and discard her as he pleases, and nobody will say anything about it as the rights to divorce is on their hands, religiously speaking. Pre-divorce councelling or marriage councelling won't work. I ask you, how many men are cooperative enough to attend such session? I daresay most are chauvinistic asshole with the ego that's as big as a whale!

KY Chua said...

Hi there. ;) Sorry to disturb your tranquility. Where are you from? Just curious with your "Good to know another person from sabah." :D

Cheers! ;)

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