First day of work in London

Colleagues who gave me a huge surprise!
It is true.
London is a beehive of activity. The people here walk much faster than i did, and I tot that I was a rather fast walker.

Chiao Yen baked me muffins (chocolate, walnut and apricot which can be spelt differently. Thanks to those who sent me off ( and those who would) - Pastor Heong Cheong, Auntie Wai Li , Kelvin, Chiao, Shi and Cindy.

And Zach's lovely note and chocolate goes to the inbuild fridge.

Anyway, in remembrance of my first day at work in Shell house. The 13 hour journey ended up faster and arrived in Heathrow at 5.05 a.m. And I must congratulate MAS for serving lobster on their menu, it was delicious as the entree and unbelievingly good as the main. The cab ride was a mere 36 minutes and that saves me money. If one is to arrive later, it will cost a limb and leg ( cost me $65 pounds)

Take a look at the apartment. I love the architecture and all the hidden amenities. The view of river Thames and the special factory that came out in the latest Batman movie. Looked familiar?


Hii Hii said...

hi friend,

What are you doing here? and for how long? I am in Glasgow, Scotland. I am in UK for a year now.

Welcome to UK and enjoy your life here.


amoker said...

Hey, you are in glasgow? i am surely going to scotland. what are u doing in UK?

Irene said...

Hi, so how long will you be in London? Wow, I love your apartment!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... nice interior! :-D

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