What the heck is 1 Malaysia?

I do think that it is just a slogan.

When nothing was explained, people try to ask more.Eh, the consultants that Najib uses did not give those definitions then mah.

In retaliation, UMNO / Utusan begins to blame it on the non Malays and opposition for championing racial equality.

So, someone then tried to do the same to the English papers and I saw this piece which is supposedly a reflection of our Malaysian academia 1 Malaysia is not Malaysian Malaysia ...
In short, they agree that 1 Malaysia is not about equality. One of the chap tried to be smart and start teaching about society theories and said that we are 'united in diversity'.

I felt something is wrong in his definition that the way ahead for Malaysia is acculturation. Good thing nowadays have google so one can find the definitions rather easily than in books or notes.

Acculturation is a process in which members of one cultural group adopt the beliefs and behaviors of another group.

This is what this 'professor' is saying!
Notice that he did not expound on what acculturation is...?
It is one culture adopting the culture of another.
I remember vividly in my university days when the pensyarah tell us that the national agenda is not unity by diversity but acculturation where we adopt the Malay culture ( taking the example of Indonesia then).

This professor contradicts himself, how to have diversity when the majority culture feeds on other cultures?

In short, 1 Malaysia is just a slogan. Dun hope that it will be anything more..


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Calvin Soo KJ said...

this are all talk but no show lar....even if it does happen, i would think that most non-malays would either protest or better still, move over to singapore or abroad. one day they'll be saying we'll adopt the hudud law for all race...kanasai!!!

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