My Favourite olympic girl(s)

To get away for all the postings on politics ( Congrats to Anwar Ibrahim and PR .. you have my support) and social economics, like to do something unusual by sharing the top 2 babes of Olympics according to .. me! I guess there are many more ( and men as well), but here are 2 that will get me to oh la la.
1. Miyuki Maeda ( Japan )

Ok, so I tried to look for her photo and since there is nothing that does justice to her, decided to put up her biography instead. What caught my attention is initially her antic with her double parner, Suemae. They would encourage each other before any service ( watch this). I find her charming and soooo stunning. Air liur coming out..

Thanks to Asumi for providing this photo.

2. Guo Jing Jing ( China)

Actually, I heard about her and found a photo that was 'in the moment". Look at the pool water rippled. Apparently, she does look absolutely gorgeous and would not doubt those review from this photo.

What about you?


Anonymous said...

Guo Jing Jing. She's the Chinese Diving Princess, right? Talented and pretty. :-D

amoker said...

Eh, you are a fairy and interested in her? hemm

Anonymous said...

Well...she's a looker...but I like the way she dive...I admirer the courage of standing in a tall place den jump and plop into the water....alamak, scary! I can never do that without having a heart attack.

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