Catholic church in Pahang threatened with demolition

From Charles

Last week some 1,000 persons protested the attempt to demolish an over 80 year old Catholic Church/Chapel in Triang, Pahang - and they were met by 200 over persons believed to be aligned to the Developer.

The FRU were there in full gear - and they caused the 'save the church' protest to end.Well, it is a small Church in a 'rural Pahang town' - and looking through the newspapers, I saw almost no report of the struggle of the community to preserve their 'heritage' church - nothing about that 1,000 strong protest...nothing really.

And that makes me wonder of the actual number of placesa of worship that is being demolished and torn down in Malaysia.I hope the Pahang State Government, which is a BN government, and also the Federal Government step in and ensure that this very old Church is preserved - and not demolished.Hopefully, after Permatang Pauh - maybe the media and others could also look at what is happening in small town Triang in Pahang --- and do the needful to safe this church.

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Anonymous said...

They not only want to demolish church...but they also loves to demolish temples! There's one Indian temple around my area that the government wants to demolish. So many people are fighting for it and yet they refused to listen. Bastards! i wonder how they would feel if mosque are to be demolished. I'm sure they'll behaved as if they're possessed and we'll need exorcist for it! Oh, what creeps, i just can't stand them!

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