85% of people who renounce their Malaysian citizenships are Chinese.

Makes one wonder on the push and pull factors.

Only 1,720 Malays have migrated
MUAR: Only 1,720 Malays have surrendered their citizenship to migrate to other countries between 1996 and April this year, Home Affairs Minister Datuk Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said.
He said the total number of Malaysians who had left the country since Independence was 106,003, of which 10,411 were Malays, 86,078 Chinese, 8,667 Indians and other races 847.
“I want to clarify the figures given by my deputy (Datuk Tan Chai Ho) who said recently that more than 79,000 Malays have surrendered their citizenship to live abroad,” he said.
Mohd Radzi said that between 1996 and April this year, 28,527 Malaysians had surrendered their citizenship.

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lolita said...

Why am I not surprised? The way it's going, it's everyone for themselves, the non malays are leaving in droves. In my case, my dad is Indian and my mum is mixed, she has mostly Afghan and Indian blood and some Malay blood from way before. I may be bumiputera by a fluke but I have never identified myself as Malay and never used my so called special rights. My family worked hard and we paid our way through just like most non Malays has been forced to do. I love our country, I love our people and it breaks my heart to know I am not coming back when I am done studying. I'll probably migrate lar. Sigh..

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