The Spa at Andana, Glenmarie

Shi enjoying herself after the bath and some food. Yum
As part of Shi's birthday celebration theme this year of 'experience' , she got a nice spa package. In fact, i knew that she will not enjoy it without me ( ahem), so got a nice "couples package' worked out.

All day eat and drink to our stomach's content. Indeed , the food was good and the spread is wonderful. Had 3 servings of Haagen Daaz. Enough, not over. And we catch 3 movies at one go.

Wonder if they ever change the water? Looked black. The water tempreture is ideal for bacteria breeding..:)

Never been to a public bath before. The first time I went to the changing room and was asked to change into new clothes, I went to the bathing area instead on the pretext of taking a bath so that i can change my clothes. Aiyah, shy la go naked in public. Overally , very hot and humid. Hot water is not too good for the..... ehmm.. body .. sometimes.

Oh .. handsem man...
Had a 80 minute massage. My lady masseur was called Jen ... I tot it was John and she does look and has the strength like one. But honestly, she gave the best massage that i have ever tried. And for the first time, got stepped over. It was not easy agreeing for it in that situation. But it turned out ok.Not that I have done a lot yet.

Black toes . Nah des kah!!!
Ladies, check out my new manicure and padicure. Oh, and got my nails coloured black. Well, in defiance of Ecclesiastes chapter 2 , must experience nail colouring at least once. It was quite cold. And good tool to scare little kids to scamper away.

Oh, my .. she did not know that her T-shirt says " I know whatboys like".

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Shi-Lynn said...

Very sure of yourself these days, aren't you? I did enjoy it more with you there. But like I always say, it's the company that matters, not the place or experience.

You'd like Singapore and Beijing a lot more with me there too.

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