2006 Formula One Sepang Experience

The Shell Corner in Grandstand. Anybody got extra caps?

The weather was HOT HOT HOT.

And I was HOT HOT HOT in getting there. Have to park my car at the wrong area only to be told that it was in another place. The practice session has begun and I was late. Anyway, it was still an enjoyable experience with ear splitting revs ( you can actually feel the ear drum vibrating in sync). I went to the grandstand area that is sponsored by my company. I think a few big shots were around but it was just too loud to say "Hi, my name...".

For the first time, I have also decided to buy a real FI- Ferrari Shirt. It costs me RM250 and it was bright red. Nice. And also got my Schumi ( Schumarker) name tag. I guess there is not many more around so took out RM50 for it. Really hope that is real merchandise as advertised.

Choice 1: Basic t-shirt with a simple logo. Ahemm.. RM300 ... was shocked.

Ha.. more worth the money. Can wear to office and official engagements!!

The suffering sales lady to temp guys like me. She was very 'hot' , facing the sun with eyes twitch... and i don't fancy her job then. And, she is chinese. Oh ya, boss ask her to wear this shirt to enhance sales. I guess it worked.

Oh, remind me the Li Shuan ( one of the cute little girl in church) said on Sunday. She noted that her parents are in F1 that morning. And added that " my mother will buy me merchandize back". Wow, 6 yrs old using that word? Amazing. Apparently it is a jacket of grey , red and black. Mclaren.

Oh .. why am I in the Petronas booth?
Perhaps that is the premonition that McLaren will win over Ferrari. Dang.


sheiai said...

ermmm can you make sure i get free ticket/s from Shell next year? pplleeaasssseeee thx ;)

amoker said...

how to make sure la friend?

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