Its getting hot!!

Blackberry; the cool kangaroo ; first aussie fish and chips at $27, Mercure hotel ; some pigeon like birds who as 'lan see' as the kangaroo.
Day 3
Work!!! At the Geelong Refinery . Since I can’t discuss work , lets talk about the food. Had rock sweets on the table and lots of sandwiches and pastries for lunch. Learning 4#- sandwiches can be real tasty even with lots of vegetables and fruits.

For night dinner, we had a sumptuous dinner at the 2 Faces Restaurant. This is THE restaurant and has its own celebrity chef couple. I had a prawn pie ( it has a better sounding Italian name ) for starter, a spinach and cheese goulash and another merlot. The food was quite yummy and different. But the cheese is awfully strong for an Asian.

Day 4
At night, we went to see kangaroo at the local club house . They are so near and uninterested that one can probably jump at them.

Then down the Great Ocean Road with a little history lecture which is useful. We went pass a town called Angeles which has an awesome looking lake. Especially since the farms before the town is parched dry due to the draught. We hit a town called Lorne which is a beautiful beach town. Had my first fish and chips here. We also met with a British couple who will spend 6 weeks driving from Perth to Sydney. Lorne is now the ‘hip’ town for the Melbourne wealthy and young things. Hence , most of the things here are expensive. And during weekends, a lot of biker and fast cars will come and show off their stuff.

Day 5
Met Poh Hean and Mr Krashalf to go to a town called Apollo Bay. PH is my friend who was an intern in Western Digital. She kind heartedly offered to fetch me there to view Ocean road and Mr Krashalf to his bakery in that town. This time we used the inner road and up the mountain and back using the sea side road. Awesome view when we hit the highest ground overlooking the town.

German Pig ears which is super nice; Saturday market; gigantic something ; waiting for old Mr Baker

Had a cheaper fish and chips at $6.50 per pack. Also had this super yummy “ German Pig ears” pastry which is loaded with icing and sugar. If you are in this part of town and want to have something good, this is highly recommended.

Tried the beach here. The sand is yellowish and the water is super cold. And the pesky sea gulls are around to snap up any food that lies around. And also, the local Aussie lifeguards that is in yellow suits than red ( Baywatch is the “standard”) . The funny thing is that 6-7 of them hold up together in a tent- like contraption and they seemed happy to stay there away from the cold winds. Wonder if they like the cold waters.

Nude beach.

Oh ya. Geelong has a car shop that sells Proton cars. But not seen one on the road …

Took a train to Melbourne for $7.20. Contrast that out with $165 that I paid to the taxi man over.

wah, the garang look ; nice looking station .. Spencer Street ... and the outside.

Charlene and Colin came to fetcher me from the station. I will be staying over at their place that night. We went to this street that is like the Bangsar of Melbourne, only much much longer. We decided to have Greek food as it is in my list of food to try & settled for this shop called the Greco. Simple d├ęcor that seemed abuzz with local and Asians. We each had a main – bad idea. I had a souvlaki , basically meat on sticks. Bit dry. Colin had a pasta and Charlene has a huge pizza.. or is it the other way round. Had a riestling that I think is the best I have tasted. And, the best thing about this store is actually the dessert. Brick sized chunks of cakes/ etc. can be had but we were just too full.
Meat paradise; C&C having an intellectual discusion about ........ fats.

Sin !!! , buckets of it ; look at the car behind. wow...

Did I mention that Colin bought a Rav4 for $40K and have a GPS system that works?!

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