The Down Under Experience.

In Summary : It was a good time scurrying around the city/ town to meet people and places. Oh, and the meeting was good.

Upside : The weather, the friendly people and pace, met Mr Koala, Platypus , seagulls, Wombat, etc. and ate Mr Kangaroo, Ms Gummy Shark, Mr Whitting and Ms Crocodile. Not to mention the lambs and chicken that died for my stomach. And, did not roadkill any natural animals.

Amazingly, Aussie tend to think that I am just a teenager by my look. Love this country.

Downer : The unfriendly immigration officer and some racist remark in inner towns. Have not felt so distinctly Asian before.

Day 1
Yep, coming down the airport was less than a breeze. The officer was ‘just waiting ‘ for me when I check into the counter. He was rather rude and snappy. Perhaps an extended overtime. How ‘unAussie”. The younger officers are more gentle and smiley.

Anyway, got to the cab at about 2330 local time. The flight was delayed, perhaps to allow me to enjoy the 1st class treatment more. Never in my life that I managed to talk to TWO air stewardess and get some real conversation… instead of trying to run away. I guess they have nowhere to run. J Oh, and I was acting like I know much about luxury.

This cabbie is a natural ( name withheld to protect his identity). He fit snugly into his Commodore steering wheel and is a real chatter. Oh, we spent the first 20 minutes looking for the place that I was going for. But after we got moving, he got into rhythm and manage to even drive and point. He has splendid passion for Melbourne.

Another observation is that the people sleep very early. Hey, what is 1.30 a.m. to Malaysians?

Day 2 - clear skies all round.

And they wake up early too. By 6.00 a.m., the sound of people making toilet sounds can be heard. J And by 9.00 a.m., the cleaning lady threatened to come in. Managed to delayed her till 11.00 am.
First look at the traffic laden streets of Geelong.
My first feel of Geelong is awesome. Each house looked different and the architecture is mixed with Italian and English. And first food that I had is a Japanese Katsu Curry set with free flow of ocha. Not bad. Then to the local mall where I met the same people again and again. Small town. And since it is a sunny day, met a near naked painter with only his brief doing his paint job in full view of traffic. Let me try to do that in KL.
Oh ,and had a $1.99 vinegar and salt potato chips. Stuffed.

At night, had a super fettuccine with cream and avocado. Had a Black box merlot wine which was ok. I can see groups of (presumably) Italian Australians talking loudly and having a good time. Later, walked down the road to the beachfront. The look was awesome. It was 2100 and the sun was still shinning against the tranquil water. There is the fun fair, the gelati stand, some couples wandering about and a picturesque scenery.
Stopped at the yatch club to relieve myself. Learning 3# - that Australian toilets are super clean with ample hand tissues stocked

Night view at 9.00 p.m. I can still see the sun somewhere. Down: Smiling after going for a pee in the yatch club. Cold and loaded ...


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hi bro Joe! nice n interesting blog!
just drop by to say hi, didn't really read, tired :p but nice pic taken :)

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