My ideal Job

When I was younger , I have my ambition to be a professional. Study hard , my dad used to say. After 8 years of working my heart out, I realized thru the unfolding of events in the last weeks that my new ideal job is actually with the local government authority. What have I been thinking all this time?!?!?

P.s . if u have no idea what is a local government authority , it is like MPPJ , MPS , DBKL , MPK , McD etc. hehe

Top 10 Reasons why I want to be in Local Government Authority

10) Be an “Abrahamovic“ in owning your own football club and spending RM15 million of public money a year maintaining it.
9) Cannot be sued for improper planning or authorization even if it causes death.
8) Have fun at even lower level job by raiding illegal VCD sellers or snooping in parks.
7) More job benefits as they are talking of providing the raiding parties with gun.
6) Ability to change the landscape of a normal looking junction with many + many+ many.. traffic lights , then bulldozed everything down on year later to build a roundabout.
5) Federal court says that we can make our own rules to be moral/vice policemen yet ok to leave all the other rubbishes uncollected. First things first mah.
4) Anybody seen our P&L statement?
3) Visit Mauritious to learn about their ‘advanced urban planning system’.
2) RM2,000 meeting shirt for councillors each and even a “Cokmah” for the boss.
1) Can go to Steven corner for tea break .. and more..

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