Ultra modern L'oreal Dev Centre - Friday post.

WE went to this fabulous chinese restaurant in like an exclusive areanear the embasies . The food was very ... ehmmm .. small portioned andnot so nice la . I guess considering that it should not be cheap. Butthe ambience is totally different. It has all the nice chinese oldstuff inside there . It was pretty chilling , but i am ok . They hadthis nice lamp that they put in out with us on the verandah .Woke up at 6.00 this morn to go jogging at the clark hatch centre inthe hotel . Spend about 40 minutes on work out before going for thebreakfast buffet. The food was pretty much the same , with same change in variety . Then we went downtown to L'oreal china to meet 2 more LFD managers and to get trained. After that , went to a shopping centre tohave italian meal , belanjaed by the Chinese .

WEnt to the L'oreal centre inauguration in one of the most happeningplace in Shanghai. THis area was loaned by the Chinese to the French ,thus the decision to move there... perhaps. It was an astounding architecture . There are white marble stairs going up to the centre.But we were late to the meeting due to traffic jam , thus made a biggreat entrance. But soon everything was forgotten and we spend timetalking a bit. Had champange while chatting . Good champange that. Andthe food was from TGIF , which is just beside the L'oreal MDCbuilding.

Went to downtown to shop and look around . Prices of things here are expensive , depending on which shopping centre we are at. It goes intothousands for a simple shirt , which is thousands in RM or hundreds.Crazy . and those are not the top of the line branded. I got yousomething which i think you would like. , but not sure about the restof my gifts . Perhaps will do that in Sunday when doing the SHanghaitour. Will go to the street market to get some stuff. Still got enough money .
Going back after this to sleep and rest. Will have a long day with a grand dinner at Shanghai Hilton tomorrow. Supposed to be more luxurious with room price of USD 500 above per night . Here , it isUSD 170 per night - about RM500 per night. crazy .

Nope , no funny girls approaching this ah pek . Ha haha

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