Kota Kinabalu - a friendly neighbouhood.

The Kota Kinabalu airport looks like a large paddy field with a tar lane interspersed with wooden houses on the perimeter. The whole place looked wonderful from the air.

We arrived at the Tang Dynasty hotel on the 20th April 2005. A pretty basic hotel right smack in the middle of town. Found out a nice eatery called Netty's in Centrepoint which featured a lip smacking honey chicken. Pitch black with sesame seeds on top , it was delightful to the bone.

Another good eating place that we soon found out is a Chinese restaurant called Ocean's Restaurant , recommended by Ramah ( who own's Netty ) . We had a fabulous time eating seafood , RM 125 for 6 pax is a bargain. We had

1. Crab cooked with chili
2. Hoi liu ha ( a cross between prawn and lobsters ) with butter and garlic
3. Paku ( Fern shoots that is collected from forests in Sabah ) with oil and chili.
4. Signature beancurd with soya source.
5. White cockels with garlic .

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