Day 6 : Afternoon Update

12.16 . Update courtesy of Mokie , 3,4 Aunts.


1. Condition is the same as Monday night with fluctuating heart beats and blood pressure. Blood pressure has gone down to a more manageable number than 100-150 bp last night . Yet , the heart beat has increased to 100-150 beats per minute from the lows of 49 - 80 last night .

Joe the quack doctor's perpective - Perhaps the body needs to have it one way or another to deliver the necessary pressure needed to her whole body . As her upper body's weight is also pressing down , the delivery system has adjusted either by an increased pump intensity or higher blood pressure. Thus , seemed that when one variable is ok, the other one will jump up . Both have its own danger as blood presssure will stress the dead cells and maybe some other body function . But to have a heart that pumps at that rate , also not too good. how long can we jog and maintain that heart rate?

Prayer needs today
1. Heart pump rate and bp to be stablised more.
2. Brain cell deterioration to be taken over by the blood function instead of normal collapsing.


bel said...

My prayers and well wishes go out to Ah Poh, Shi Lynn & family. May you keep the faith and the strength in tough times such as this. God bless you all. Amoker, you're a good man too! God bless you.

amoker said...

gasp .. i nearly choked. haha .
Maybe a busybody man ...
Thanks for the wishes , i am sure the family members appreciate all concern and prayers.

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