Day 5 : Night Update

Decided to use this avenue to put Ah Poh ( Aunt Chong Kuan Lan's ) condition to the web . Perhaps it maybe a better alternative than phone in providing information for those who needs them.

Anyway , here is Dr Azmi's diagnosis of Ah Poh yesterday night at 8.05 pm. He will be going away after this for a Mercy trip to Banda Acheh and be taken over by cardiologist Dr Song and Dr Abu Bakar ( neurologist )


1. Condition has slightly improved from Sunday. He uses a electrorod to create pulses and grandma did respond.
2. Heart / blood pressure still in range , but fluctuates. Good indication is that the bp did not continually rise , which may mean that the the brain size did not continue to grow.
3. Current risk -
a . Hemeorrage - the dead tissues may deteriorate and cause internal bleeding.
b. Infection - Seemed that it is a normal occurance in stroke patients. Potential area is in the uninary tract and respiratory track. Dr Azmi has began doses of antibiotics to protect against these possibililties , yet it is a wait and see period.
4. If progress continues , may see sign of reaction from 2nd week onwards.

5. Key note to all visitors

A. DO NOT SHAKE rigorously . Just a pat will do , and no fast , strong movements.
B. As the body's immune system may be down , please do self quarantine and visit when one is sure that no additional germs can be passed.

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