Day 12: Unmasking Grandma

Dear Readers ,

Today is a good day for all of us as grandma is off the involuntary respirator. In fact , nothing much is attached to her head than a feeding tube. Praise the Lord for His wonderful work , mercy and grace. For certaintly , it is God's work in her that makes her progress so strangely fast compared with Day 11.

In day 11 , it was another major event. Her breathing became audibly loud and difficult . It seemed to be a relapse into a not-too-well condition . And the family was very much upbeat due to the progress made much earlier. And at many instances during the day , she had anomaly in her heartbeat. And the resulting graph was horrible . It stirred the emotions of the whole family and again they began to pray again. And hey , it stablizes so much that by the time the visiting hour ends .... the family was at ease enough to go back and rest. Now , those are evidences of this Great God .

So , after that was more interesting. She then managed to open her eyes twice . Once in the early morning and again during the afternoon. In fact , the progression was so rapid that the medical team decided to take out the respirator during the afternoon. And she can yawn as well. ( though have been sleeping all this while : 0 ) Her breathing has much improved , with a more constant heartbeat but average blood pressure. Yet , it is the serenity of the scene of self assisted breathing that is so beautiful. It was a moment of sheer thanksgiving.

Some believe in horses , some in chariots , but i believe in the name of the Lord.

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