4 'flying' taxi at 5.00 a.m

Have you seen a flying taxi ? I saw 2 today . In the cover of darkness , what seemed to be a car flew past me. Then noticed that it is not a car , but a taxi. Speculated that the taxi driver may be rushing somewhere to pick up / put down passengers.

Then the second taxi came flying at a slightly lower speed. This happens when the taxi speeds past a speed bump ( polisi tidur - they call in Indonesia ) without breaking. Oh ya , the first one did produce some sparks. And since they are all proton Iswara's , the suspension is ...

And the third .. and then another. Now , i am confused. I was waiting for a police car or something to come chasing after them but none showed up . Perhaps it is just another bet among taxi drivers on who could be the next Petter Soldberg or Sebastien Loeb while waiting for the graveyard shift to end . Or that they raced to the breakfast spot ... or perhaps late for the morning prayer. I have no idea . What is your speculation?

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