Journal 3: Gotto Pay?

So , i am supposed to be the technologist is this assignment . We are going to create a training module using the Smartboard. Thus , the creative and incoherent technologist goes then to this simple website ( - " The world leader in Interactive Boards") to get this software . 2 softwares are required .

The first one is a simple software that controls the whole board that is called " Smart Board Software " , what else? ! . Pretty nifty software where it has different functions to enable someone to use the board. It is like the brain the helps one to be able to work out the motions in the board.

The second one is called "Smart Solutions" . This software is an application tool , for the user to use and build interfaces or presentation materials that is then used. It is like the software development suite for this piece of hardware. I think there at 2 softwares there - Smart Ideas , and Smart Note ( like Ms Word )

So , I would think it is pretty simple to download and install , since I am using the broadband. It took about 6 minutes to download both software simultaneously . Installation is a breeze , but there lies the catch. After it is loaded up , a pop up message cames out to note that we got to pay to use this software. Great!!! So , i tried to do any 'smart' kid would do , try to bypass the software . Nope . Then try to scour the net for perhaps a free copy? Nope as well.

So , gave up and decided to try the official channel by reporting this new finding to Dr Maznah through her bulletin board. There is supposedly a 30 evaluation copy that we can use and i think that would be a better choice.

Too bad that this has to happen when i was feeling creative. Anyway , would not be able to report much to the gang in the meeting . Hemm ... is someone bringing a cake?

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