Between Craig and Rice

How i fret it when another of the so called Newcastle superstar begin to show their ego better their skills. So , do regret that one of the better players are going elsewhere . But Craig should have known better in keeping his temper in check.

Today is also the day when Condy "Bootlicker" Rice is appointed as the Secretary of State with the highest amount of "Nays" casted against a nominee. With all her upbringing and potentials , she could have been remembered better . An ivy league graduate , an accomplished pianist of her own right , she represents the highest African American female in the US government . Yet , she does not seem to have a will of her own , nor the ability to go beyond . A Bush puppet , who is in his own right a Cheney stoogie . I would like to respect her ... really ....

Have a long weekend ahead. I am rushing my assignment due on Saturday . Sigh ... maybe a little sleep will go a long way .

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